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66 Mbps is here!

1/31/15 - OmFusion has Blazing Fast VDSL2 speed now available in Downtown Davis, Woodland, and Sacramento. Starting at $42.95 per month plus tax.

This super fast VDSL is only available in Downtown areas of Davis, Woodland and Sacramento. Max 4000 feet from the CO. That sort of range. No bandwidth caps, no equipment rental, no setup fees.

Locations really close, say less than 1500ft are getting dramatic and good speeds of up tp 60Mbps down/ 20 Mbps up depending on distance and line quality. Bonded products deliver twice that along with 2 fully functioning landlines.

VDSL2 Equipment is a $100 Deposit, returned upon return of working equipment at end of term.
Bonded VDSL2 is a $200 Deposit, returned upon return of working equipment at end of term.

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Fiber Optics to the MDU

100Mbps to 1 Gbps Fiber Internet Access to the MDU, Shopping Center, or Bandwidth Hungry Business


Blazing Fast 100 Mbps to 1 Gbps fiber optic connections are available now to properties throughout the Greater Sacramento area. Now is an excellent time to provide an excellent high quality fiber connection to your complex or office park. These new fiber based technologies are cheaper and faster than T3 speeds, and are scalable to support the bandwidth hungry future. Email for more information.


An exciting bundle of of land line phone and ADSL2+ Internet. OmFusion communications bundle that is private, protected, and distinct from large mega corporate communication products. Now offered in Davis, Woodland and Sacramento.

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