Sequoia Equities

Om Networks provides Internet services to the Sharps and Flats Apartment complex using a mixture of wireless and wired Internet access into the unit. 

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Both Free WiFI and Free WIRED internet connections are available to best suit your needs.

For power users, wanting a depth to their applications, and a robust connection for video calling, and movie watching we recommend a wired solution for your apartment, though tenants are welcome to use both connection types. 

All Apartments are allocated up to 6Mbps down and1 Mbps up access, free with rental agreement, additional capacity is available for purchase.

To signup for this service, simply connect to one of our Sharps_X access points and register your device through the web form. Then we get contacted to approve your application, and if you are a valid tenant, that is approved generally within about 15-30 minutes if during business hours. Each device (e.g, phone, laptop, and playstation) seeking Internet access must go through the registration process, but only once.

More information on registering for the free service is available here.

More information on purchasing additional capacity is available here.

This document has our contact information, as well as some wireless troubleshooting tips.