Windows 8 PPPoE setup

Begin your PPPoE setup by locating the control panel with the search function.

In the Control Panel, choose Network and Internet.

In Network and Internet, click on Internet Options.

On the Internet Properties window, select the Connections tab.

The Connections tab has a button called Setup, click there to start the connection wizard.

When you are asked how you want to connect, choose Broadband (PPPoE).

The next screen will ask for your username and password. If you are unsure about your login information please contact Omsoft. Check the box for "Remember this password" so you won't have to type it in every time you want to connect. Check the box for "Allow other people to use this connection" if you want other user accounts on the computer to be able to use the internet. Click on connect to move on to the next step.

Once the computer has successfully connected to the Internet, the connection settings will be saved. Verify everything is working by pulling up a couple of webpages, and you are finished!