DSL Modem Setup

How to set up your DSL modem:

Connect the DSL modem directly to a phone jack:

phone wall jackarrow pointing left


Anything that is not the DSL Modem is going to need a filter:

phone jackarrow pointing leftdsl filterarrow pointing lefttelephone


This includes devices like answering machines, cable and satellite boxes, ect.  A single phone jack can be split for both a DSL modem and a phone jack like this:

phone jackarrow pointing leftphone line splitterarrow pointing leftdsl filtertelephone

                                     arrow pointing down

                                dsl modem

Next, you will need to plug the DSL modem into the ethernet port of your computer using the provided ethernet cable:

DSL modemarrow pointing leftcomputer

If you are using a router, you will need to plug the DSL modem in to the router, then into the computer(s):


                                                                                            arrow pointing leftcomputer

DSL modemarrow pointing leftrouter                       arrorw pointing right  computer


                                                                                             arrow pointing rightcomputer




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