MAC OSX 10.5-10.6 PPPOE Setup

Once the Start menu is opened, click on Control Panels, then Network and Internet Connections:

 mac sytem preferces selection

Select the Network preference pane.

network preference selection

Click on the + to add a new connection.

click the plus sign to add a new connection

On the Interface pulldown select PPPoE.

select pppoe from the interface drop down menu

Enter in "Omsoft" for the service name. And click on Create.

enter "omsoft" for the service name

Leave the PPPoE Service name blank.
Enter your account name which was given to you by Omsoft, if you are unsure of your account name call us at (530)753-0119.
Type in your password and select the Remember this password check box.
Check the Show PPPoE status in the menu bar check box, and then click Advanced...

enter your username and password.

Once in Advanced, select the PPP tab. Make sure that Connect Automatically when needed and Send PPP echo packets are the only options selected. Click the OK then Apply buttons.

select ppp tab, check connect automatically and sent ppp echo packets, then slcik ok

Now you can exit out of System Preferences and initiate the PPPoE connection by clicking the PPP icon in the menu bar and selecting Omsoft.

connect by clicking on ppp icon on top menu bar.

Omsoft Tree: