MAC OSX 10.0-10.4 PPPoE Setup

Go to the apple menu on the upper left hand corner of the screen, and select system preferences.

click on apple menu, then system preferences.

Next, select the Network icon.

select the network icon.

At the show menu choose "Built in Ethernet".

select built-in ethernet from show menu

In the TCP/IP tab, you will need to select "DHCP" in the configure window.
You will also need to enter the Domain Name Servers for Omsoft.
The Primary is, and the secondary is

select dhcp in the config window, and enter DNS servers

Click on the "PPPoE" tab. Check the box that says "Connect using PPPoE".
Enter your username in the account name field. Your user name should look something like "yourname@davis".
Type your password in the password field. Check the box for "Save Password&quot.
Check the box for "Show PPPoE status in menu bar".

open pppoe tab, check box for pppoe, enter username and password.

Next, click on the pppoe options button. Check the boxes for "Connect automatically when starting TCP/IP applications"
and "Send ppp echo packets". Uncheck any other boxes, then click the "OK" button.

open pppoe options, check connect automactically click ok.

Click apply now and you should be ready to surf!

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