MAC OSX 10.0-10.4 Static IP Setup

Setting up Mac OS X for use with a Static IP address with your ADSL service is a pretty straightforward thing to do, and should take no longer than 5 to 10 minutes, without even needing to reboot the computer. Make sure that you have the IP information available as you step through the instuctions.

If you don't have the IP information, call the Omsoft office at (530) 758-0119 to get the needed IP addresses.

With the computer completely booted up, from the Finder desktop, open the Network Control Panel

choose network in the system prefs

Make sure that Built-in Ethernet is selected then click on the TCP/IP tab.

select tcp/ip tab

The Configure: Menu should be set to Manually.

set configure to manually.

Enter the IP address you were assigned in the IP Address field.

enter your ip address.

NOTE:If you have more than 1 IP address, make sure that no two computers are trying to use the same IP address, that's not going to work terribly well.

Type in the Subnet Mask field as

enter subnet mask

In the Router field, enter the gateway address you were provided.

Enter router address

In the field Domain Name Server field enter these numbers:,

enter dns addresses

With those numbers typed in, click the Apply Now button.

You've finished the configuration at this point. Close the Control Panel window and feel free to use your preferred web browser, email client, or any application that needs an active internet connection.

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