Wireless Section
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Get WIRELESS Internet

in North Davis Meadows!

In the continuous effort to satisfy our customers, Omsoft Technologies is now offering Wireless Internet Access.

This offer applies only to customers in the North Davis Meadows area, where no traditional dsl service is available at this time.


Unlimited Internet Access

One Omsoft or DCN Shell & E-mail Account with Dial-Up Access

One Additional Omsoft or DCN E-mail Box

Personal Web Space (5 MB)

20GB of usenet access per month from giganews.com

Leased Wireless (2 year committment, equipment is leased):

Plan Download/Upload Equipment Set up Monthly Charge
Lease Basic 384kbps / 33kbps N/A $35/hour $39.95
Lease Plus 768kbps / 64kbps N/A $35/hour $59.95
Lease Super 1.5Mbps / 128kbps N/A $35/hour $79.95


Full Wireless (1 year commitment, equipment is purchased):

Plan Download/Upload Equipment Set up Monthly Charge
Full Basic 384kbps / 33kbps $175 $35/hour $29.95
Full Plus 768kbps / 64kbps $175 $35/hour $49.95
Full Super 1.5Mbps / 128kbps $175 $35/hour $69.95


    Customer receiver
    The $175 installation kit includes:

    - CB3 Radio

    - pigtail

    - flatpanel antenna

    - Power over Ethernet driver

    - 50ft of outdoor cat5

    Additional cat5 lengths would be:

    - 100' - +$10

    - 150' - +$15

    - 200' - +$20

    The installation itself provides all the labor to:

    - Mount antenna and drop ethernet port into customer location

    - Configuration of 1 computer provided

    - Customers can have Wireless LAN installed at $45 per hour.

    For more details on how to have wireless internet, please call (530) 758-0119 or email us at help@omsoft.com.

All accounts benefit from Omsoft Technologies' free on-site technical support. Free on-site technical support limited to 2 visits per year. All other visits charged at $35 per hour. A mileage charge of $0.50 per mile may apply to customers who reside more than 20 miles round-trip distance from our Davis call center.