Windows XP Dial Up Configuration

From the Start menu select Control Panel then select Network and Internet Connections.

click on network and internet connections

Select the option Network Connections:

choose the network connections control panel icon

In the next window, click on Create a new connection under the heading Network Tasks

click on create a new connection

At this point you should see an new window for the New Connection Wizard. Click Next.

click next on the new connection wizard.

The next window will ask what kind of connection you wish to create. Make sure that Connect to the Internet is selected and then click Next.

select connect to the internet.

At the next window choose Set up my connection manually then click Next.

click setup my connection manually

Since you are setting up the connection for use with an analog dial-up modem, choose Connect with a dial-up modem and then click Next.

choose connect with a dial up modem

The Connection name. This is going be the name of the connection as well as the name that appears at the bottom of the icon for the connection. It's helpful to make sure that the label is something descriptive like Omsoft like in the example, and not My Connection 4.

When ready, click Next.

name your connection


In the Telephone Number field type in one of the phone numbers that's local to you.
In Davis: 297-6694
In Woodland: 669-5808
In Sacramento: 440-1965
In Winters: 795-0114
If you are not certain that a number is a local call for you, check with the phone company. Omsoft cannot be responsible for any local-toll or long distance charges that may occur on your phone bill.
When ready, click Next.


enter dial up phone number


The User name Field: Enter the username for your account in lowercase letters without any spaces. Your username is the first part of you DCN email address before the @ symbol.
The Password Field: Type in your password. It will show up as dots or stars. This is normal. Reenter the password in the exact same way in the Confirm Password field.

When ready, click Next.


enter your username and password

With the next window, what you'll see is a confirmation of the connection being created. The check box for Add a shortcut to this connection to my desktop will place an icon on your desktop directly to the connection. Go ahead and click on the Finish button.

click the finish button

Return to the Internet connections window (Start -> Control Panel -> Network and Internet Connections -> Network Connections) and Right-click on the new connection icon, and select Properties from the menu.

right click on connection and select properties.

Click on the Networking tab, then click on Internet Procotcol (TCP/IP) to highlight it, then click on the Properties button.

go to the networking tab, highlight tcp/ip, click properties

Leave the top part set at Obtain an IP address automatically. Select Use the following DNS server addresses: in the next part, then type in the number for the Preferred and Alternate listings.

enter dns addresses


Click on the OK button, the click OK again. Double-click the connection icon, you should be able to click on the Connect button to establish a dial-up connection at this point.
You have sucessfully completed your Dial-up Internet connection.