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Please look through the list to the left and pick the email client that matches the one you use. These instructions are focused on using IMAP ot manage your email and SSL on outgoing mail. IMAP is nice because it allows you to have a full copy of your email over multiple devices, like your PC, our webmail, and your phone.
If you want to use POP instead and keep all your email on your home computer, and under your complete control, simply pick POP versus IMAP as the account type.
Below are the standard server settings.


Omsoft Technologies offers the following T-1 and ISDN service plans:

Hi-Cap T1
$700/month, $999 setup fee
(plus equipment, if necessary)

Dedicated Hi-Cap 1.5mbps/1.5mbps T1
$900/month, $999 setup fee
(plus equipment, if necessary)

Mileage charges will apply with Omsoft if you are outside the Davis, CA area.

Please Click Here for an estimate on mileage charges.

Domain Hosting

Om Networks offers a variety of hosting services for your organization's website and email. Our competitive monthly rate of only $12.95 per month includes the following:

What is Comprehensive Internet Service?

  • Internet Wisdom you can TrustEXPERIENCE 
  • A knowledgeable and experienced concierge for your Internet. Ask a question get an answer from someone that knows IT in about 15 minutes.
  • Discounted Consulting services for customers at a reduced $40 per hour.

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