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Web Services

Southern California OmFusion

We are excited to offer OmFusion throughout the ATT service footprint in Southern California. Our main support offices are located in, Davis CA, so we have additional requirements for our Southern California customers. Take a step back away from the Telco/Cable Internet Duopoly and secure your communications through a company with integrity. In light of this please read over these additional requirements to make sure you are well informed about the service offering.

TING Cell Phone Service _deprecated

TING is our choice for cell phone services.

You trust Omsoft to find and support practical, no nonsense consumer technology choices. That's why we feel compelled to share with you our solution for cell phone, TING. Based on Sprint network platform, this service only charges you for what you use, minutes, bytes, or texts, on a monthly basis.

Fusion Tools


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DSL Service Signup

EMail Services

Om Networks offers reliable and private Email services as part of all its Internet Access accounts. We have provided this service, in conjunction with Davis Community Network for over 15 years.

Should you need affordable, reliable, private, email services they are available from Om Networks and DCN.

Email Mailboxes ending in,, or, at a price of $2 per month or $20 per year.

Please email or call 5307580119 to signup for an email account with us.