Web Services


Go to the address https://wheel.dcn.davis.ca.us:20000. And enter your username and password.
At of the page hover over mail and then select "Mail Forwarding and Replies"

    Entourage setup

    There is no page for entourage yet, should be done sometime soon

    Thunderbird 2 for Windows

    Go ahead and open up Thunderbird. To add a new account, click on Tools and then Account Settings, then click the Add Account Button


    Windows Thunderbird 2 Account Settings Properties Box


    Then select Email Account as the Account type, and click Next, to enter your Proper Name and your email address.

    Thunderbird 2 for Mac

    Thunderbird 2 instructions for Mac aren't done yet, but they will be put here.

    Windows XP Static IP DSL Setup

     Once the Start menu is opened, click on Control Panels, then Network and Internet Connections:

    click on network and internet connection

    Click on Network Connections:

    click on network connections

    Double click on the Local Area Connection icon, then click on the Properties button.

    Vista Static IP Configuration

     Open the Start menu and then open Control Panel

    click on control panel

    Click on Network and Internet

    Click on network and internet icon

    Next, open the Network and Sharing Center

    Click on network and sharing center

    Windows Vista/7 Static IP Configuration

     Open the Start menu and then open Control Panel

    Click on Network and Internet

    click on network and internet

    Next, open the Network and Sharing Center

    open network and sharing center


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