Om Networks is a generalist and full service IT shop located in Davis. Primarily focused on Internet Technologies, we engage in a wide variety of services to better help our clients safely and securely leverage networked technologies.

Our combined staff experience draws on careers which have spanned decades. Our diverse services may be grouped into 4 categories,


Wireless Section
Neighborhood transmitter


Get WIRELESS Internet

in North Davis Meadows!

In the continuous effort to satisfy our customers, Omsoft Technologies is now offering Wireless Internet Access.


Omsoft provides a dial-up Internet access plan for every level of user. Omsoft also partners with
Davis Community Network
(DCN) to offer special discounts to certain groups to help promote Internet access for everyone. We also offer deeper discounts for subscribers who make a commitment to Omsoft by subscribing for an increased amount of time. All Omsoft accounts also benefit from free on-site technical support.*


Omsoft Technologies DSL service provides the same features that dial-up
and ISDN customers receive today, but at much higher speeds.


Listed prices do not include the price of standard phone service, which is required for installation.

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