Go to the address And enter your username and password.
At of the page hover over mail and then select "Mail Forwarding and Replies"

    Eudora 7 for Windows

    When you open Eudora for the first time it will start the New Account Wizard.
    Select "Create a brand new email account"
    Enter your name.
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    Eudora 7 for Mac

    Click on Special and then Settings.
    Under Getting Started fill in your username, mail server, real name, smtp server, and email address.
    The mail server and smtp server are both
    Under the Checking Mail preference page enter your username again and select IMAP is the Mail Protocol.
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    iPhone Mail Settings

    Open the settings app.
    Select "Mail, Contact, Calendars"
    Select "Add Account..."
    Select "Other"
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    Outlook 2007 with DCN IMAP

    Click next to continue. IMAP Outlook 2k7 frame 1
    Click next to continue. IMAP Outlook 2k7 frame 2
    Make sure Manually configure server settings or additional server types is checked and click next.
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    Windows Thunderbird 3 DCN

    Enter your name, e-mail address and password. Then select Continue. IMAP Thunderbird 3 frame 1
    Select Manual Setup... IMAP Thunderbird 3 frame 2
    Under the Server Settings configure as follows:

    Windows Live Mail DCN

    Enter your email address, password, and Name. Then select the Manually configure server settings for e-mail account. IMAP Windows live frame 1
    Select IMAP as the server type.
    Use and port 993 as your incoming mail server.
    Use and port 25 as your outgoing mail server.
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    Windows Outlook Express

    Enter your name. IMAP Outlook Express frame 1
    Enter your email address. IMAP Outlook Express frame 2
    Select IMAP as your incoming mail server.

    Mac OSX Thunderbird 3

    Enter your name, email address and password at the "Mail Account Setup" dialog. Then select continue. IMAP Mac Thunderbird frame 1

    Mac OSX Mail DCN

    The first time you open Mac Mail you should see the "Add Account" dialog. Enter your name, username and password. You can also access this by the Mail pull down menu and going to Preferences. Then click the accounts button and add a new account to bring forth the following wizard. IMAP setup frame 1
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