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MAC OSX 10.5-10.6 Dial-Up Setup

Setting up your Mac for dial up will take just a few minutes.  Start by clicking on the apple menu and selecting system preferences. 

click on apple menu, then system preferences

Choose "Network" from preferences pane

choose "network"

Select your internal (or external) modem

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MAC OSX 10.0-10.4 PPPoE Setup

Go to the apple menu on the upper left hand corner of the screen, and select system preferences.

click on apple menu, then system preferences.

Next, select the Network icon.

select the network icon.

At the show menu choose "Built in Ethernet".

select built-in ethernet from show menu

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MAC OSX 10.5-10.6 Static IP Setup

Open up System Preferences by selecting the Apple logo and then "System Preferences"

click apple menu and select system preferences

Select the Network preference pane.

select the network icon

Select your Ethernet adapter.

Mac OSX Thunderbird 3

Enter your name, email address and password at the "Mail Account Setup" dialog. Then select continue. IMAP Mac Thunderbird frame 1
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