Thunderbird 2 for Mac

Thunderbird 2 instructions for Mac aren't done yet, but they will be put here.

Thunderbird 2 for Windows

Go ahead and open up Thunderbird. To add a new account, click on Tools and then Account Settings, then click the Add Account Button


Windows Thunderbird 2 Account Settings Properties Box


Then select Email Account as the Account type, and click Next, to enter your Proper Name and your email address.

E-Mail Settings

Please look through the list to the left and pick the email client that matches the one you use. These instructions are focused on using IMAP ot manage your email and SSL on outgoing mail. IMAP is nice because it allows you to have a full copy of your email over multiple devices, like your PC, our webmail, and your phone.
If you want to use POP instead and keep all your email on your home computer, and under your complete control, simply pick POP versus IMAP as the account type.
Below are the standard server settings.

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