Southern California OmFusion

We are excited to offer OmFusion throughout the ATT service footprint in Southern California. Our main support offices are located in, Davis CA, so we have additional requirements for our Southern California customers. Take a step back away from the Telco/Cable Internet Duopoly and secure your communications through a company with integrity. In light of this please read over these additional requirements to make sure you are well informed about the service offering.

Win 7 / Vista DHCP setup

You usually don't have to do anything to prepare a computer for a DHCP connection, but if you want to check that everything is ready to go, follow the instructions below.

Click on the Start Button, and go to the Control Panel.
Start, control panel.

In the Control Panel, click on Network and Internet.
click on network and internet

Windows 8 PPPoE setup

Begin your PPPoE setup by locating the control panel with the search function.

In the Control Panel, choose Network and Internet.

In Network and Internet, click on Internet Options.

Windows 8 Static IP setup

To setup Windows 8 with a static IP, begin by locating the control panel with the search function.

In the Control Panel, choose Network and Internet.

In Network and Internet, choose Network and Sharing Center.

Windows 8 DHCP Setup

You probably don't need to do anything to get your computer ready to hook up to DHCP. Most will hook up automatically when you plug into your modem or router. If you want to check that the settings are correct, you can follow the direction below.

Use the Windows 8 search function to find the Control Panel.

In the Control Panel, choose Network and Internet.


Om Networks Internet Access support resources are available via this site, phone, or email. Email is preferred.

Sequoia Equities

Om Networks provides Internet services to the Sharps and Flats Apartment complex using a mixture of wireless and wired Internet access into the unit. 

a staff

Both Free WiFI and Free WIRED internet connections are available to best suit your needs.

DSL Setup Information

Windows XP DHCP Configuration

Most computers are setup to automatically pick up on DHCP, but if you are switching from another provider, or from another type of connection, here is how you go about setting up XP for DHCP connections.

Open up the control panel, and choose the category "Network and Internet Connections".

open up control panel and network connections

Then click on the control panel icon "Network Connections"

choose network connections

MAC OSX 10.5-10.6 DHCP Setup

Connecting via DHCP is the default state for most computers.  You may only need to plug the computer into your dsl modem to get running.  If you are switching from a different kind of connection or another provider please follow the instructions below. 


Click on the apple menu and open System Preferences.

System preferences in apple menu.

Select the Network preference pane.

Omsoft Tree: 


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