Dial Up

Dialup Setup Instructions

Look to the OS list on the left and pick your OS for dial up instructions

Windows XP Dial Up Configuration

From the Start menu select Control Panel then select Network and Internet Connections.

click on network and internet connections

Select the option Network Connections:

choose the network connections control panel icon

In the next window, click on Create a new connection under the heading Network Tasks

Windows 95/98 Dial up Setup

The following document contains information concerning setup for a dial-up connection for users of Microsoft Windows 95 or Windows 98. For Windows 98 users, you may skip ahead to Making a new Connection. For users of Windows 95, you need to make sure you have two things installed before you proceed. Each of the following links will instruct you on how to determine if you do or do not have it installed, and will tell you how to install it of you do not.

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