Win 7 / Vista DHCP setup

You usually don't have to do anything to prepare a computer for a DHCP connection, but if you want to check that everything is ready to go, follow the instructions below.

Click on the Start Button, and go to the Control Panel.
Start, control panel.

In the Control Panel, click on Network and Internet.
click on network and internet

Windows 8 DHCP Setup

You probably don't need to do anything to get your computer ready to hook up to DHCP. Most will hook up automatically when you plug into your modem or router. If you want to check that the settings are correct, you can follow the direction below.

Use the Windows 8 search function to find the Control Panel.

In the Control Panel, choose Network and Internet.


Om Networks Internet Access support resources are available via this site, phone, or email. Email is preferred.

Sequoia Equities

Om Networks provides Internet services to the Sharps and Flats Apartment complex using a mixture of wireless and wired Internet access into the unit. 

a staff

Both Free WiFI and Free WIRED internet connections are available to best suit your needs.

Arlington Farm Fiber to the Air Internet

Om Networks, a Davis based ISP, and Tandem Properties bring you a 100 Mbps fiber optic connection for your use as tenants of this fantastic residential experience. We have placed over 25 antennas around the property to bring fast wireless Internet service to all your devices. While we plan for ubiquitous coverage, any initial service gaps from our deployment will be resolved by Free DSL Internet Access provided over an ATT phone line.

Please see the following pertinent information on Free Internet Service Options at Arlington Farms Apartments:

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