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Om Networks is a generalist and full service IT shop located in Davis. Primarily focused on Internet Technologies, we engage in a wide variety of services to better help our clients safely and securely leverage networked technologies.

Our combined staff experience draws on careers which have spanned decades. Our diverse services may be grouped into 4 categories,

Windows XP DHCP Configuration

Most computers are setup to automatically pick up on DHCP, but if you are switching from another provider, or from another type of connection, here is how you go about setting up XP for DHCP connections.

Open up the control panel, and choose the category "Network and Internet Connections".

open up control panel and network connections

Then click on the control panel icon "Network Connections"

choose network connections

MAC OSX 10.5-10.6 Dial-Up Setup

Setting up your Mac for dial up will take just a few minutes.  Start by clicking on the apple menu and selecting system preferences. 

click on apple menu, then system preferences

Choose "Network" from preferences pane

choose "network"

Select your internal (or external) modem

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MAC OSX 10.0-10.4 Dial-up Setup

Setting up Mac OS X for use with a dial up connection is a simple, 5 minute job. With the computer completely booted up, from the Finder desktop, open the Network Control Panel.

Apple Menu --> System Preferences... Click on the Network icon. click network icon

Make sure that Internal Modem is selected then click on the TCP/IP tab.

select tcp/ip tab

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Windows XP Dial Up Configuration

From the Start menu select Control Panel then select Network and Internet Connections.

click on network and internet connections

Select the option Network Connections:

choose the network connections control panel icon

In the next window, click on Create a new connection under the heading Network Tasks

MAC OSX 10.5-10.6 DHCP Setup

Connecting via DHCP is the default state for most computers.  You may only need to plug the computer into your dsl modem to get running.  If you are switching from a different kind of connection or another provider please follow the instructions below. 


Click on the apple menu and open System Preferences.

System preferences in apple menu.

Select the Network preference pane.

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MAC OSX 10.5-10.6 PPPOE Setup

Once the Start menu is opened, click on Control Panels, then Network and Internet Connections:

 mac sytem preferces selection

Select the Network preference pane.

network preference selection

Click on the + to add a new connection.

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Windows XP PPPOE Configuration

Since Windows XP has its own PPPOE implementation, it is not necessary to install a 3rd party driver to get the connection for DSL working. Instead we can use the built-in software to create a stable and compatible connection in short order. The first thing that we’ll need to do is click on the Start button, typically in the lower left-hand corner of the screen in XP. Once the Start menu is opened, click on Control Panels, then Network and Internet Connections.

Windows 7 PPPoE Configuration

Open the Start menu and then open Control Panel:

Click on Start, then Control Panel

Click on Network and Internet

click on network and internet

Next, open the Network and Sharing Center:

Choose network and sharing center.


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