OMVerse Internet Access

OmVerse is a third party data provider Fiber to the Node (FTTN) product, offered in conjunction with AT&T which provides the following benefits:

  • OmVerse matches Omsoft's superior DSL tech know how, price stability, with AT&T network performance
  • One Year term, $100 + Tax Equipment Fee, 30 day written notice required for service termination
  • Professionally Installed by AT&T Technicians
  • Price stability until November 2019, no mysterious price increases.
  • Never hassle with calling AT&T support again.
  • Fast Internet provided by Fiber to the Node connections
  • No datacaps, no limits, download and stream all you want
  • Up to 5 email addresses provided with service.
  • Available in many areas our OmFusion service does not cover.
  • Does not require a phone line.

Order inquiries by phone or by emailing, include your full address, name, and telephone number if available.

OMVerse Residential Fee Schedule

Service Level Setup Monthly Price
OMVerse Residential 1.5M/384K $100.00 $27.95
OMVerse Residential 3.0M/512K $100.00 $37.95
OMVerse Residential 6.0M/786K $100.00 $42.95
OMVerse Residential 12M/1.0M $100.00 $47.95
OMVerse Residential 18M/1.5M $100.00 $52.95
OMVerse Residential 24M/3.0M $100.00 $59.95
OMVerse Residential 45M/6.0M $100.00 $67.95
OMVerse Residential 75M/8.0M $100.00 $97.95
OMVerse Static 4IP Residential $5.00 $20.00

OMVerse Business Fee Schedule

Service Level Setup Monthly Price
OMVerse Business 1.5M/384K $100.00 $45.95
OMVerse Business 3.0M/512K $100.00 $49.95
OMVerse Business 6.0M/786K $100.00 $59.95
OMVerse Business 12M/1.0M $100.00 $65.95
OMVerse Business 18M/1.5M $100.00 $75.95
OMVerse Business 24M/3.0M $100.00 $85.95
OMVerse Business 45M/6.0M $100.00 $99.95
OMVerse Business 75M/8.0M $100.00 $129.95
OMVerse Static 4IP Business $5.00 $24.00